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مبانی شبکه، سیسکو، مایکروسافت، میکروتیک

آشنایی با مبانی و ارائه راهکار

مبانی شبکه، سیسکو، مایکروسافت، میکروتیک
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معرفی کتاب Optimizing and Troubleshooting Hyper-V Networking

جمعه, ۳۱ ارديبهشت ۱۳۹۵، ۰۶:۱۴ ب.ظ

Introduction 9
About the contributors 10
About the companion content 11
Acknowledgments 11
Errata & book support 12
We want to hear from you 12
Stay in touch 12
Hyper-V storage fundamentals 13
Virtual storage controllers 13
Virtual disk file formats 13
Storage improvements in Windows Server 2012 14
Additional resources 16
Storage sizing 17
Using MAP 17
Additional resources 20
Pass-through disks 21
Storage options for Hyper-V 21
Pass-through disk quick review 22
Scenario 1: Adding a pass-through disk to an already
highly available virtual machine 26
Scenario 2: Adding a pass-through disk to a
virtual machine before making it highly available 28
Scenario 3: Adding a pass-through disk to a
virtual machine that is already running 29
Additional resources 31

Virtual machine snapshots 32
Understanding snapshots 32
Example: Broken snapshot tree 33
Additional resources 34
File system alignment 35
Identifying file system misalignment 35
Additional resources 37
Virtual disk fragmentation 38
Large file size records, dynamic disks, differencing disks,
and problems managing highly fragmented files 38
What is a sparse file? 38
What is the MFT? 38
Why should I care? 38
Migrating VHD to VHDX 41
I migrated my virtual machines. Now what? 41
Comparing VHDX and VHD performance. 42
Migrating from VHD to VHDX 42
Optimizing block and cluster sector sizes 43
Additional resources 44
Monitoring storage performance 45
Using Performance Monitor 45
Storage performance counters 49
Hard disk counters 49
SMB Client counters 50
SMB Server counters 50
Example: Troubleshooting a storage problem using Performance Monitor 50
Additional resources 54

Cluster Shared Volumes 55
CSV Redirected Access mode 55
Example: Network for redirected I/O 56
Example: Lost direct storage link 58
Example: Failed backup 59
Example: Incompatible filter driver 61
Using CSV performance counters 62
Exploring Cluster Shared Volume data flow 63
Metadata operations 63
Direct I/O operations 64
File System level redirection 65
Block level redirection 66
Cluster Shared Volume Cache performance tuning. 67
Additional resources 68
Live Migration 69
Why Constrained Delegation? 69
Some background info 70
The Hyper-V connection 70
Setting up Constrained Delegation 70
Additional resources 71
Virtual Fibre Channel 72
Fibre Channel on the guest 72
Prerequisites 72
Virtual machine not starting 73
Additional configuration steps 74
Additional resources 74

Event logs 75
Hyper-V storage event logs 75
Example: Missing virtual hard disk 76
Example: Unsupported Fibre Channel adapter 78
Additional resources 79
SMB storage 80
SMB share permissions 80
Example: Wrong share permissions 81
Additional resources 84
SMB Multichannel 85
Troubleshooting SMB Multichannel 85
Verifying Receive-Side-Scaling 85
Verifying SMB Multichannel 87
Excluding a network card 88
Example: Link down 89
Additional resources 90
Online backup 91
Hyper-V backups and VSS 91
Example: Online backup issue 92
Additional resources 94
Antivirus exclusions 95
Configuring antivirus exclusions 95
Additional resources 96
Windows PowerShell tips 97
Storage-related tasks and Windows PowerShell 97
Additional resources 98

Best Practices Analyzer 99
Troubleshooting with Hyper-V Best Practices Analyzer 99
Hyper-V BPA 99
PowerShell and automation 104
Failover clustering 106
Summary 107
Additional resources 107
Storage Spaces 108
What is Storage Spaces? 108
Concepts and terms 109
Deployment modes 110
Benefits of Storage Spaces to enterprises 111
Cost effective platform for business critical storage 111
Flexibility and elasticity 111
Resiliency and data integrity 112
Multi-tenancy 113
Ease of management 113
Before we start 114
Deploying your first storage space 115
A little bit of theory 121
Planning your storage space 123
Resiliency and performance tuning 123
Thin provisioning 125
Maintaining storage spaces 125
Extending a virtual disk 125
Removing a disk from a pool 126
Rebuilding a server that hosts storage spaces 126

Troubleshooting storage spaces 127
Creating a storage space fails 128
Deleting a storage space fails 129
Expanding a storage space fails 130
Additional resources 131
Building a demo environment 132
Hyper-V over SMB: Step-by-step installation using Windows PowerShell 132
Overview 133
Environment details 134
Script #1: Configuring FST2-DC1 (DNS, Domain Controller, iSCSI Target) 137
Script #2: Configuring FST2-FS1 (File Server 1) 139
Script #3: Configuring FST2-FS2 (File Server 2) 141
Script #4: Configuring FST2-HV1 (Hyper-V host 1) 143
Script #5: Configuring FST2-HV2 (Hyper-V host 2) 144
Script #6: Configuring the Cluster FST2-FSC (run from FST2-FS1) 145
Script #7: Configuring the Classic File Server Cluster FST2-FS
(run from FST2-FS1) 146
Script #8: Configuring the Scale-Out File Server Cluster FST2-SO
(run from FST2-FS1) 147
Script #9: Configuring the virtual machines in FST2-HV1 147
Script #10: Configuring the virtual machines in FST2-HV2 148
Script #11: Creating a Hyper-V Cluster using file share storage 148
Script #12: Optional steps to create a nonclustered file share
on FST2-FS1 149
Conclusion 150
Additional resources 151

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